Portraits for Your Purpose

Portrait Percents: Photo Booth

    Have an event coming up that you would like to add a fun little fundraiser to? How about having us set up a photo booth!

How does it work?
    We bring out our equipment and setup a photo booth. It will fit in a 10' x 10' area or a little smaller if needed. We will then stay with the photo booth to run it and make sure everything goes smoothly. If you choose a theme, we'll try to bring props to go with the theme - or you can provide props as well. Our setup will automatically take 4 photos a few seconds apart from each other. It then prints out either two 2" x 6" strips or a 4" x 6" collage of the 4 photos and a small logo or information. The pictures are ready within minutes after taking them.

What are the prices?
    As a fundraiser, we recommend selling these photo booth photos for $4.00 - $6.00 for the 2 strips or 1 collage. We can take up to 60 - 80 sets per hour if people are waiting in line.

Pricing Options:
Base Rate
per hour
per set
1 - 5 hours
$75 $0.00
$50 $1.00
6+ hours
$60 $0.00
$35 $1.00

    Now that you know how our photo booth works, it's time to add this entertaining fundraiser to your next event! Call today to reserve your date & time.