Portraits for Your Purpose

Personal Proceeds: Portrait Party

    Want to have a good time with your friends while raising money for something you need? Here's a perfect opportunity for an individual to raise some money.

Who should do this?
    Our Individual Fundraisers are for a person to raise funds for something they are doing. To receive the monetary portion of this fundraiser, there has to be some type of cause, not "just for fun". However, if you want to do it just for fun, we will give you portrait credit. Contact us and let us know what you are wanting to raise funds for and we will let you know if you quality.

How does it work?
    You choose a theme and/or a few backgrounds or sets. Invite several of your friends (we request at least 5 people attend). Bring treats, music, and maybe some games for when you're not taking portraits, and we have a party!

    Depending on the number of people, a portrait party usually lasts 1 - 3 hours. We will take several portraits of each person who attends. Each can have several outfits, props, whatever you prefer. We can also take couples and group portraits as well.

    A week or so after the party, we will invite everyone back to view and order portraits. The host of the party will receive either 33% of the sales from all the portraits ordered or a portrait credit of 50% of all their friend's orders that they can use to order their own portraits.

    This fundraiser can not be done for Seniors, Families or Babies.

What are the prices?
    Prices for this fundraiser are at our current regular portrait prices.

    Contact us today to setup your Portrait Party!